2022 - Passages Through Music - Never Forget

Seattle, WA — Dreams We Share Productions dreamsweshare.com is proud to announce the release of harmonica legend/composer Lee Oskar’s NEVER FORGET on January 28, 2022. Composed, produced, and illustrated by Lee Oskar, recorded, mixed and co-produced by Brandon Busch, Never Forget powerfully addresses the atrocities of the Holocaust, while also serving as a stirring reminder that great music is a universal force for everything positive and vibrant throughout society. Never Forget’s nine largely instrumental tunes are sequenced like a soundtrack. The son of a holocaust survivor, Never Forget is Oskar’s musical memoir – Passages Through Music – telling his journey, his and his family’s story — but also humanity’s story.

Known internationally for his unique, cross-over blend of blues/jazz, funk, latin and rock, Lee has been connecting with musical audiences throughout the world for over 40 years.

Photo © Suzanne Fogarty